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Dicey Stewart and Paprika LaRue fill a niche, a gaping hole, that no one knew existed. It’s as if they were faced with the musical equivalent of the Grand Canyon and said, “We can fill it up with unforgettable renditions of songs others take for granted.” Their irresistible chemistry makes it hard to believe they ever performed separately, but, in fact, they didn’t become a duo until the early 80’s when they were spotted by the legendary Manny Montefusco who instantly saw that Paprika was the fuse to Dicey’s firecracker and paired them up to hit the cruise circuit.

Paprika hails from New York and her heart is as big as the city itself. She pours herself into powerhouse, emotional ballads. She literally explodes on the dance floor, expressing her deepest feelings in movement that astounds! How could it be that she is also a maestra on the ukulele and bass?

Dicey started her career on the shores of Lake Erie, but was transformed by her travels westward. Bless you, Mars Bonfire! Her forays into alternative spiritual realms informs her stage presence. She challenges her audiences to travel with her in her internal explorations while knocking them out with her vocal calisthenics and one-of-a-kind kazoo and triangle treatments.

Dicey & Paprika select songs like others select fine wines. Enthusiasts of the great songwriters Stevie Nicks to The Carpenters to Freddie Mercury to Kander and Ebb, they dive into the true meanings of the songs, as only they could. As survivors of the business, these two amazing ladies have paid their dues and lovingly dish it back to their audiences in spades.

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Dicey Stuart and Paprika Larue
Upcoming Shows:

Dicey & Paprika - Bring on the FUNK!

Saturday, May 14, 2016 at Club Cafe on the South Side. Show at 7pm (doors open at 6pm) with Special Guest Mr. Julius Pringle on keyboards.

Known for their incendiary mix of rock/pop/lounge sounds and comedy, Dicey and Paprika bring together two electrifying showbiz pros in a wildly exciting combination.

Dicey’‘s sizzling psychic insights and Paprika’s visceral dance interpretations are not for the faint of heart. They will have you spinning into the 6th dimension as they glide effortlessly through their finely honed repertoire that ranges from U2 to The Carpenters to Nirvana (with many more in between).

Fresh off their most recent performance on a cruise ship docked near Toledo, Pittsburgh maintains a special place in their hearts. Their performances are always brimming with new material and this will be no exception! This fearless duo breathes eternal life into music once heartlessly relegated to elevator muzak.

This show promises to be especially poignant as the superstars bid a sad but fond farewell to their pianist Mr. Pringle, the bedrock to Dicey & Paprika’s quicksand.

Don’t miss this ONE NIGHT ONLY show. Who knows when they’ll be returning!

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